Roughly 3 years ago I was out of work and sent to Campbell page from Centrelink, and believe me, I wasn’t happy about it -Emily, 23 NSW

I had always gotten my own jobs before and was horrified to be out of work.

At 20 years of age I was out of work and in need of guidance, so I reluctantly turned up to the Campbell Page Vincentia Hub for my appointment with Employment Consultant Tanelle. Expecting to be met with disapproval and a general attitude of disdain at my jobless situation, I was suprised by how friendly all of the staff were on arrival.

I then met with Tanelle, and again I cannot explain the sense of relief I found during this initial consultation. She immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease when she laid her cards on the table at the start of the appointment – pointing out that she was honestly just here to help me out of my situation.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life, so Tanelle helped me tease out my strengths and to understand that it was a customer facing role I would most likely excel at. She was right.

Tanelle then progressed to help me update my resume to suit a customer service opportunity, and started reaching out to her own list of employers and contacts to see if anything was available for me. It was then that she came up with the idea of working at the local bank, and I was so excited about this prospect.

I had never even thought about finance and banking as a career pathway for me, and I loved the idea.

I jumped at the chance, I had never even thought about finance and banking as a career pathway for me, and I loved the idea. Tanelle submitted my resume (which was now tailored specially for this line of work) and helped set up an interview for me. She even went so far as to purchase me a new pair of shoes, making sure I gave off a polished and ‘sh-mick‘ first impression. We ran through practice interview questions before the big day, and Tanelle provided coaching and valuable tips to prepare for the inevitable nerves (tips that I still use today!).

I couldn’t believe the employer had seen something in me

One week later and I landed the job.

I couldn’t believe the employer had seen something in me, that they were willing to have me as a part of their team! The position ran it’s course eventually as the bank closed its doors, but the skills and experience I obtained during that period set me up for life. I am now a full-time Customer Service Officer at St George’s Bank, going on to a year now. I am filled with hope and ambition for the future and now have my own plans to up-skill and eventually enter the Mortgage Division at St George’s.

There is no denying that Campbell Page steered my career pathway, and ultimately changed my life. I love my job, and have grown from confidence to confidence. I just wanted to say thank you to Campbell Page, as I now have a job that I love and I know that most people don’t get so lucky at only 23 years old. My employment consultant saw the potential in me, and thanks to her direction I am positive about what’s in-store next!

Emily contacted Campbell Page in January this year, and we were thrilled to receive her story. If you or someone you know have a story to share we would love to here from you, email co************@ca**********.au or contact us here.