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The Green Army is a hands-on, practical environmental action programme that supports local environmental and heritage conservation projects across Australia. It is an Australian Government Programme for young people aged 17–24 years who are interested in protecting their local environment. Participants receive an allowance and gain practical skills, training and experience in environmental and conservation fields.

Campbell Page are one of five service providers delivering the Green Army Programme for the Australian Government. Together with partners Skillset and TAFE Western – Campbell Page currently run projects across New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

Find out what our participants have had to say about the Green Army Experience: Our Participants

Making A Difference

As a Green Army Provider , we are committed to making a long lasting difference in our communities. We have achieved the following exciting outcomes so far:

  • 100% on time starts and completions for all projects
  • Assisted various Community, Council and Government groups in securing 161 projects across NSW, ACT and QLD
  • Completed 74 projects and currently operate 32 projects across NSW and QLD regions
  • Engaged over 820 participants - from various backgrounds and life circumstances
  • We are leading the way with our indigenous engagement levels of 24% of our participants
  • Successfully helped 30% of our participants leave our program early in pursuit of further employment and/or study opportunities

Our Communities

We help community groups of all sizes from developing a project idea – right through to managing the project delivery.

  • We understand that communities need a variety of actions to achieve environmental outcomes and our services are tailored to help
  • The types of projects being undertaken have a diverse range of objectives from landscape restoration to heritage preservation
  •  Most importantly, we understand that not all groups have the time and dedicated resources to coordinate programme funding applications
  • This is why our environmental team work with our groups to create project scopes and applications

For a snapshot of some of our projects to date, check out the following links:


For a full preview of our current and future projects, please see our project commencement dates: Scheduled Projects for June 2016 to December 2016

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