The Campbell Page 30th Birthday Celebrations continue with the announcement of three more community grants!

Campbell Page believe that any action made to better a community makes a difference in the lives of locals. Therefore to continue the 30th Birthday Celebrations, we have donated the final three Community Grants to communities within the South-East Coast of NSW,  The Southern Region of Adelaide (SA), and the Plenty district of VIC. All three communities will see a change for the better, as a result of the donations made by Campbell Page.

Janine Hutton, Campbell Page Youth and Family Program Senior Manager, put forward the application for a series of stress management workshops for Year 11 and 12 students as well as their families. Held across the South-East Coast of NSW, the series will help students and parents develop stress management skills and highlight the importance of a positive work/life balance. The workshops will be formally launched in the community later this year.

Year 12 results can determine a students Tertiary education options. This in turn will impact their career pathways – placing significant stress on both students and their families. -Janine Hutton, Campbell Page

Campbell Page South Australia will also be using the community grant to fund an innovative program for youth. RAPPED (Knowledge Is Power) is a contemporary music program run by international Hip-Hop Artist MONSTA. G (pictured below). ‘Knowledge is Power’ aims to enhance literacy and numeracy skills for participants, illustrating the importance of the choices we make as individuals.

We want young people to be provided with a safe and positive environment, where they can express themselves -Dale Cleaver, CEO

The series will allow participants to go through the entire creative process of writing, developing and telling their own story through rap, and eventually record their own songs on site. The workshop will be officially launched later this year, with the SA Campbell Page team currently in the program planning stages.


Plenty, in Victoria, has been announced as the 5th and final community that will receive a 30th Birthday Celebration Community Grant from Campbell Page. The Campbell Page Team at Plenty wish to give back to the community, by helping families affected by domestic violence receive the professional help they need. Campbell Page are hopeful that the Plenty team will help make a difference, towards such an important cause.

Previous Community Grants that have given back to communities around the nation include the donation of a community 12-seater bus in Eden, which will allow for locals and community members to overcome the difficult adversity that distance can create. The Dapto community are also using the grant to fund the establishment of a cafe which has allowed  for young locals to receive retail and hospitality training, while also providing a great place for community members to connect over a cup of coffee.

For more information about the great work Campbell Page do for communities OR if would like to begin your own journey towards success please Contact Us today. If you or someone you know is experiencing personal hardship or faced with domestic violence please visit Lifeline or contact them directly on 13 11 14.

Image: www.facebook.com/MonstaMonsta

Words:  Tiarne Pattison

Email: tiarne.pattison@campbellpage.org.au