Katherine is a single mother from Eden who has always wanted to pursue a career in aged care. Unfortunately, like so many other single mothers, she had been through many trials and tribulations throughout her life which had stopped her from reaching her goals.

Katherine first came to Campbell Page in 2013 because her daughter was struggling to stay in school. Together, Katherine and her teenage daughter began receiving support through the Campbell Page Reconnect Program, which helps young Australians at risk of leaving home or school.

At this time Katherine mentioned her desire to work within the aged care industry, however, she knew that finding and affording childcare as a single mother studying would be a huge feat. Her dream was tabled for several years while she focused on raising her children and ensuring her daughter stayed on the right path.

It was three years later when Katherine revisited her dream and signed up to become an NCAP customer. The NCAP Program is specifically designed to help Indigenous Australians over the age of 16 into training and eventually a job.

single mother of 5, Katherine, is proud to have finally reached her goals!

Three years later and we finally got closer to helping Katherine achieve her dream and the first step was getting her qualified. – Maryanne Griffiths, Campbell Page Indigenous and Youth Programs Manager

Before Katherine was enrolled in a Certificate III in Individual Support, she had already begun to build her skill set by gaining her First Aid and CPR qualifications, so once she started the course she already had some knowledge behind her to build her confidence.

While she was completing the course, Katherine faced a number of challenges, but she was able to work her way through it all, and even ended up inspiring her daughter to join her in completing the course while figuring out what she wanted to do after school.

Being a single mother on Centerlink, I didn’t have much money for child care, internet or even a computer so I would handwrite all of my assessments.  – Katherine

Together with her Cert III and other related qualifications, Katherine successfully landed a work placement at Bupa Aged Care Homes. Following her work placement, Katherine applied for a job with Bupa Aged Care Homes and got it!

Getting the job has been amazing for me and my family! See my success has even inspired my daughter to complete Year 10 at school while completing a school-based traineeship in aged care. I couldn’t be prouder! – Katherine

Katherine’s daughter only has 2 modules left to complete in her school-based traineeship and has been working six days per week in the school holidays as a cleaner. Katherine’s other daughter has also been motivated by her mother and older sister and has started an after-school job.

I am incredibly proud of Katherine and her girls! I can’t wait to see what is next for the whole family! – Maryanne

It has been a long road for Katherine, but after four years with Campbell Page, this single mother has now reached her goals and inspired her family to do so too. Congratulations Katherine!

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Words by: Tiarne Pattison