Paul came to Campbell Page as a highly skilled job seeker, who had been struggling to find steady employment for 10 years. Having previously worked as a fully qualified electrician, Paul’s long stretch of troubles maintaining employment was not due to his inability to work hard – it was due to his health.

As a young man, Paul was fit, sociable, healthy and a hard worker. Friends and family were shocked when he had a heart attack, that left him with a pacemaker and therefore unable to continue his employment as an electrician.

After my heart attack, I felt horrible knowing that I could no longer work in my chosen field. I began to pull away from my friends and family, because I didn’t want to burden them with my problems. – Paul

Time passed by and 10 years later Paul was still struggling to not only get an interview, but maintain employment for more than a week.

That is when Paul met with his Employment Consultant Shamir and the Employment Broker at Frankston, Tracy to discuss different employment options.

After many discussions with Paul, Shamir and myself, we decided that a courier position at Brakes and More would be a perfect fit. – Tracy Stamers, Campbell Page Employment Broker.

The job only had short hours of work, but Shamir and Tracy were confident they could get the hours increased if Paul demonstrated his work ethic.

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I drove Paul to meet with the employer at Brakes and More. He was nervous, so we went through some interview techniques on the way. By the time we arrived, Paul was feeling confident that he could land the job. – Tracy.

Paul went in for his informal interview, and afterwards Tracy met with the employer to discuss Paul participating in a premedical check before moving forward in the recruitment process.

I passed the premedical and thankfully was offered a second interview! – Paul

Paul did so well in the interview they offered him the job and asked him to start the following week. Tracy and Shamir continue to provide support for both the employer and Paul – even arranging new work boots for Paul.

Together with Paul, Tracy and Shamir have put some strategies in place for Paul to let the employer know if he needs any further assistance or support during the transition period.

I feel so much better about myself! I am sleeping better and looking forward to my future. It’s honestly not just the money that will come from my employment, but I am socialising with co-workers and getting more enjoyment out of my day to day life. – Paul

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Words by: Tiarne Pattison