Ben has been with Campbell Page for 13 years. Having worked in a variety of roles as part of employment services, business development and Indigenous service teams he has helped deliver the Campbell Page promise to countless clients as a Recruitment Specialist.

Currently I’m National Business Development Manager, working with employers creating brokerage programs and Indigenous employment programs. I help identify areas where employers are experiencing skills shortages and see what type of agreements we can make with them.

It’s about creating as much opportunity for our job seekers as possible.

A young woman that was placed into a role was so nervous during her orientation that she nearly turned around and walked away from the opportunity in front of her – I was so glad that I was there, because after a chat she took that first step into her new life and a month later she was Employee of the Month. We helped her start her career in hospitality and now she is a chef.

I think that one of the things that we all have to remember is we can be proud of what we do. Every time that we get someone into a job we make a real material difference to that person’s life. It’s not just a matter of turning up and doing your job and going home, it’s a matter of turning up and understanding that the interaction you’re having, whether it be with an employer or a candidate, or even with your colleagues, you’re contributing to making a real change in someone’s life.


For more information about our recruitment specialist services please visit our Employers page or alternatively contact your nearest Campbell Page Hub.