It took Darren Nichols quite a while to find the job that fit. It wasn’t that he was picky about the jobs presented to him and it wasn’t that he refused to try – he was just focused on finding a job that could turn into a career.  He first started his job search when he was 33 – 14 years later, he has not only found a job, a potential career.

Over a 14 year period, Darren went through a lot of ups and downs. He struggled to find the job he could see himself staying in for a long period of time, and because of this, he started but never completed a lot of courses. He found employment several times and was motivated to make each job stick, but eventually, he would end up losing that motivation and desire to work in that field.

Darren was determined to find the job that he could see himself thriving in – so that became our focus. – Val Loomes, Campbell Page Candidate Coach

Just as 2017 started, Darren realised he was entering his 14th year of his job search and was more motivated than ever to find what it was that he enjoyed and figure out with Val how to get there. Eventually, he decided to put his already solid skill set in hospitality to the test and find a job in that industry. It wasn’t long after that Darren started working casually for a local catering company, where he found himself immersed in the hospitality industry and thoroughly enjoyed the work.

I was just excited that I had found something I enjoyed doing. Of course, I had my doubts that I would be able to stick with it, but Val supported me through it. – Darren

After a few months, a job opportunity came up at a gelato store and Val contacted Darren immediately because she thought he could benefit from a less hectic working environment, with more job stability, while still being in the hospitality industry. Darren admitted to Val that he was a little apprehensive about the role as he had never worked in such a specific role before, however, he was willing to give it a shot.

Val helped Darren prepare his application, submit his resume and practice his interview skills as she had since she became Darren’s Candidate Coach. Not long after his interview, Darren found out he was successful!

Since starting his new role, Darren has stayed in the job longer than any of his previous roles and is still motivated and enjoying the work. He has even begun to think about how he could build this job into a career for himself.

I am learning so much in this new role and have been considering how I can turn this job into a career for myself. I think that one day I’d love to start my own business. – Darren

Darren is looking forward to his future now that he has found what it is that he wants to do. He believes that every high and low on his journey up to this point has been important and that with the help of Val and everyone at Campbell Page, he was finally able to move forward.

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Words by: Tiarne Pattison 

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