Raising two children can be difficult for anyone, however, Ayda had more challenges than most. When Ayda first came to Campbell Page she was doing everything she could for her family, but her disability made it hard to find a job.

When I first met her I could see that she was a warm, loving person who lacked confidence. I understood and wanted to help. – Annetta Rullo, Campbell Page  Employment Consultant

Ayda has a rare neurological condition that affects her mobility, specifically her leg and foot muscles. So finding a job where her employer understood and supported her disability in the workplace was difficult. The constant stress of not having a stable income was doubled when she thought about the possibility of not being able to support her two young children, -that was when she decided enough was enough.

In her first appointment with Campbell Page, Annetta saw that Ayda was lacking in confidence because of her condition. She worked closely with Ayda to help her slowly regain her confidence and focus on her strengths, which were many.

Annetta believed in me from the first day we met. That was a big thing for me. – Ayda

Prior to coming to Campbell Page Ayda has been a volunteer at a community centre for five years. These five years volunteering provided Ayda with skills and knowledge that she didn’t even realise she had until Annetta had begun helping her write her resume. This was the first step to Ayda regaining her confidence.

It was like a lightbulb moment for her. She just suddenly realised how experienced she actually was.

After months of working together, Ayda and Annetta had narrowed down potential roles Ayda could see herself enjoying, but could also see herself being supported in the workplace which was of great importance to her. Eventually, an administration role came up in Coburg and Ayda jumped at the chance to apply. She was confident in herself and also felt she had the support of Annetta behind her.

I got the job! I was so excited that when I got my first pay I went and bought Annetta a bunch of flowers to thank her because I can now build a great life for my kids.

When Ayda got the job the entire team at Campbell Page were so excited for her because they had seen her go from someone with so little confidence, no financial stability who was somehow managing to provide a great life for her two children, to a bubbly woman with an infectious energy.

Congratulations Ayda!

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Words by: Tiarne Pattison